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Auto Body Services

Paint Container Management Program

Container Management ProgramNon-compliance with state and federal regulations regarding the disposal of waste paint and containers could expose your business to costly fines and embarrassing media exposure. The CES Paint Container Management Program provides guaranteed compliance and assurance, protecting your business and our communities.

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Paint Booth Maintenance

Paint Booth MaintenancePoorly maintained paint booths create potentially hazardous conditions for your employees and facility, while reducing the quality of your paint service. Corrick Enviro's Paint Booth Maintenance will improve the state of your facility, the quality of your paint jobs, and your business.

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General Environmental Services

Pressure Washing Service

Pressure Washing ServiceHigh pressure washing provides quick, thorough, and effective cleaning for a variety of surfaces and environments. The Corrick Enviro Pressure Washing Service will save you time and increase the value of any surface.

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